A Quick Stamped Card

Sometimes it’s just easier to buy gifts for loved ones. But if you’re on a budget and you have five minutes, this quick stamped card design comes together so easily, you’ll be able to crank out an entire set in less time than it takes to select a gift at the store. And best of all, very few supplies are required.


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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2013… A Girl Can Dream

I admit it: I have a minor online window-shopping addiction. I chalk it up to my love of pretty things. Luckily, it typically stays on my computer screen; but perhaps “luckily” is the wrong word. What I really mean is that if I do not have the money, I try my damnedest not to spend money. But the call of a good sale always lures me to look. So, if I had, say, a $500 budget to buy whatever I wanted from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, these would be my picks.

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Products for Sensitive Skin: My “Lifesaving” Regimen

A few months ago, my skin freaked out. Itchy, red, burning. Everything stung. It was unbearable. Granted, I have always struggled with sensitivity along with some redness and blotchiness on my cheeks, but never that extreme. I was forced to strip my regimen to absolute bare bones, filtering out anything remotely harsh and replacing them with products that would calm my skin without sacrificing effectiveness.


Now, by no means am I a dermatologist, and everyone’s skin will react differently, but if you’re like me and your skin is reactive, combination, and mostly clear with occasional (hormonal) blemishes, or if you just want to streamline your routine, then these beauties might help you. Without further ado, here are the products for sensitive skin that saved me.


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Holy Grail Lipsticks for Fair Skin

I’m quite happy with my pale, neutral-leaning-cool complexion. Instead of faux-tanning, baking myself, or feeding a bronzer addiction, I just embrace the paste. But when it comes to cosmetics, sometimes I find color hunting a challenge– my Wednesday Adamsesque pallor can prove unmerciful, as it starkly contrasts those gorgeous statement lip colors currently en vogue. So, for the sake of helping a sister out, I’ve decided to share my list of holy grail lipsticks that will work perfectly with fair skin.

HG lipsticks

Holy Grail… Like, Religious And Stuff?

Nope, not getting all Da Vinci Code on you, but if you know the religious mythology of the holy grail,  the term will make sense. For those of you not obsessed with devouring everything in the online beauty community like me, in the context of cosmetics, “holy grail,” or “HG” for short, simply means it’s the product you’ve been searching for– the product to end all products. Once it’s found, there can be no substitute. Every woman who loves makeup hunts for her HG concealer, her HG foundation, her HG red lipstick. 

So, I’ve donated my minor infatuation with lip color to the cause of finding holy grail shades for we girls who want to work with our paleness.

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An Easy Modern Greeting Card

I found out just a couple of days ago that three of my cards will be published in an upcoming special issue of Paper Crafts Magazine, and I am SO stoked. This is my first time submitting, too. I can’t post what they decided to publish, but I can show you one of the rejects that I still sort of love. Best of all, this easy modern greeting card is a snap to assemble.

I was first inspired by this pin on Pinterest. I knew I could easily translate it to a card design, but I wanted to make sure I preserved the modern vibe. Check it out:


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